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Melanie gerard


Is there any cure or help to COLOBOMA of the IRIS?

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  • Russ


    Well, there is no cure for a coloboma. and the treatments vary depending on the type of coloboma. You can wear colored contacts to make the iris appear round.Or you can apply for surgery to help correct the appearance of the iris. Consult your eye doctor immediately because he or she is the person that knows exactly your eye conditions. Good luck!
  • Desiree


    The people who have coloboma of the iris may suffer from other vision problems as well. So the first thing you may need to do is to see an ophthalmologist immediately. He or she will help to diagnose and manage other problems that occur with coloboma. These problems may include cataracts or growth of new blood vessels in the back of the eyes. And he or she can also recommend particular treatments. Besides, you may need to have an eye exam regularly to see whether the amblyopia develops or not. Good luck!
  • Jack Kevin


    The iris has imperative physiological capacities as to managing the measure of light that enters the eyes, expanding central profundity and diminishing eyeball deviations. If you want to help in essay just visit our website

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