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Jason lester


How to relieve eye pain caused by smokes?

My father works at a barbecue place and he is around smoke all day. Well he worked overtime and worked for 17 hours (seeing as it's Christmas eve) The smoke filled his eyes for 17 hours and now it pains him to open them even the slightest, they've been closed pretty much all day. He has tried eye drops, wet towels, showers, but nothing helps. What do we do? Can you give us some suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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  • Isabel fergus


    Sweetie, your father may need to see an eye doctor immediately. The smokes have caused some damage to his eyes and he may need timely treatment now. He can place a piece of ice on his eyebrows and let the ice melt into water. The coolness can help calm down the irritated eyes and relieve eye pain. The melted water can flush his eyes just like eye drops do. But he is till need to see an eye doctor. Hope he will be fine soon!
  • Jade


    I think he may need to seek medical treatment immediately. After that he can wear a pair of goggles to prevent his eyes from getting further damages. Merry Christmas and wish you a happy new year!
  • Ghassan S.


    Merry Christmas! Kid, your father should see a doctor to make sure that he is OK. I hope he is fine. And he also should get rid of that place for some time. I also heard that the people who are around smokes all day will develop age related macular degeneration or cataracts when they get older. So you'd better tell your father that he should protect his eyes by wearing a pair of goggle or something like that to protect his eyes. Good luck!
  • Rebecca


    According to your description, your father may suffer burning eyes. Burning eyes have many possible causes. One of the most common is exposure to environmental pollutants such as tobacco smoke, smog, or dust. The treatment for burning eyes varies depending on the cause. In many cases, the burning goes away by itself when you get away from the irritating factor, such as smoke.
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  • Robert Jack


    The smokes have produced some injury to his eyes and he may essential timely action now. UK Assignment Help - can residence a piece of ice on his eyebrows and let the ice melt into water.

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