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Does milk help puffy eyes?

I heard that milk can help puffy eyes? Is that true? If so. How can milk work on puffy eyes?
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  • eddy


    Yes, it is true that milk can help puffy eyes because milk is a cold liquid, and a cold compress is the best treatment for swelling, so under-eye puffiness can be well treated. You can make cotton balls soaked in milk, and squeezing out the excess liquid, then you can put a ball on one of your eyes, and the other on the other. When the cotton balls become warm, remove them and take some new cotton balls to continue.
  • campbell


    Perhaps someone have already told you that your ages can be known through your eye bags or eye puffiness. So many people devote themselves t remove puffy eyes. Then all kinds of solutions come into being. The two most commonly ways are: surgery and home remedies. Well, surgery may be taken when puffy eyes are so much serious that affect one's appearance deeply, especially among aged people. While, home remedies can be received by many young people. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables which contain abundant vitamins help with reducing eye puffiness. Drinking some honey with warm water can protect wrinkles. Milk eye mask can get rid of eye puffiness and you can wash your eyes with milk every two days before go to bed. That's for milk not only offers antioxidant, but also they contain higher content of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, which are good for eye protection and smooth skin irritation.
  • Caroline bell


    Yes, milk will help you with your puffy eyes. The milk contains a lot of nutrition. You could find that the milk will make your skin become smooth at the same time. You should put the milk in the refrigerator and cool the milk. Then you could put the milk on the cotton swab and then cover it on the surface of the eyes. Your puffy eyes will be released.

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