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Marissa edward


Why do people have hooded eyes?

One of my friend has hooded eyes. Is he born with that? Why do people have such hooded eyes?
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  • James


    It is hard to say whether your friend is born with hooded eyes or not. There are five reasons for hooded eyes happening. First, hooded eyes may caused by born congenital small eyeballs and the atrophy of our eyeballs. Second, hooded eyes can be caused by paralysis of nervus sympatheticus . When you got this, your eye socket and musculi orbitalis slide, which make your face droop and contract your eyelid. That leads to hooded eyes. Third, when orbital fat disappears, it can cause hooded eyes as well. But this often happens to old people after they have facial surgery. Fourth, hooded eyes can caused by external injury. When the button bone of orbit broken, the orbit expends. So it leads to hooded eyes. Fifth, the excessive contraction of rectus muscle can lead to hooded eyes. This often happens to people after they have strabismus surgery. So hooded eyes are a problem you should pay attention to and you should ask your friend to go to see a doctor.
  • Lydia


    Some people with hooded eyes are born to be. And others have got this because of the growing habit. If someone wears the eyeglasses with high prescription for a long time, he or she may get the hooded eyes easily. This can be treated in the hospital through a little surgery.
  • Dylan duncan


    First you should know how the hooded eyes occur. As we get older, the muscles of the forehead lose their tone. Then this lead to a drooping of the eyebrows. In this case, it makes the eye seem 'hooded' and we say the hooded eyes. To treat it, the common way is to have a surgery. For example, you can take the mini-brow lift, which is an operation that lifts the brows and smooths out the forehead. In the surgery, you will be done in several small cuts. But you do not need to worry about it because the surgery performed through a thin tube or endoscope. But in my opinion, you should not take the surgery, because it can be dangerous.

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