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How to make my eyes look less yellow?

I find my eyes look yellow. But it should be white, i think. Is there anyway to help me make my eyes look less yellow?
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  • Shelby


    Well, according to your description, there must be some reasons for that don't you think? Perhaps it is just because you overwork recently, or you have been smoking for much too long, right? My advice for you is to take an eye examine by a doctor and get some eye drops to help you. Maybe in a few days ,things will be better. Just relax.
  • walkwithmir


    If you a young man and eyes appear yellow. But it should be white. You must take care. It is likely a sign of jaundice. To be sure, just go to see a doctor immediately. But if you a older men, it is maybe normal since eyes may turn grey or yellow because of aging. If so, you can try to wear colored contact lenses that to make your eyes look any other color you want.
  • cheesykittycat


    Well, it can be kind of normal. So you should not worry about it too much. The first thing you should do is just finding out the reason which can cause the yellow eyes. For your situation, I think it can be because of the fatigue. Of course, you may have some infection from the allergy. So just go and see your eye doctor, he can give you some advices. And you can also put some ice on your eyes, and see if you can feel better. Of course, keeping your eyes being clean is also important.
  • Adam


    When your eyes look yellow which should be white, you may get the eye macular disease. It can be made of a variety of causes. When the eye or body other organs get the inflammation, such as retinal inflammation, uveitis, hypertension, diabetes, blood and so on, you may get this eye macular disease. It can bet he induced or complicated macular disease. With the eye excessive use, fatigue driving, stay up late, in front of the computer lasting work, you also can get macular disease. High myopia or ocular trauma can also cause macular hemorrhage or burst. In the light too much exposure or watching eclipse can also cause macular cauterization sample damage. Especially 50 years of age or older is very vulnerable to old macular degeneration. With increased age, blinding rate also increased. Teachers, text worker, accountants, and art work staff is also very easy to developing such disease. You'd better go to the hospital and have a check on the eyes. Accepting the treatment, I wish you get recovery soon.