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Mackenzie rose


Is reading small print bad for your eyes?

I like to read novels. But my mom told me that reading such small print is bad for my eyes. Is that true? Is reading small print bad for my eyes?
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  • Janice


    Well, actually, I gotta tell you that it is true that reading small print books is bad for your vision. The reason? As a matter of fact, small print will give you tiny words to read, which will put much more pressure on your eyes, since your eyes have been tired all day, in that way, your vision will be further damaged. Perhaps this will lead to nearsightedness. So, you'd better find an alternative to read.
  • cajunbel29


    Yes, it is true. Reading in small print, especially in a dimly lit room for a long time will actually be bad for your eyes. When the print is small, your eye nerves will be in strain when looking them clearly. If you do this for a long time, your eyes may get short sighted. Or the original prescription will get higher.
  • Joshua?hall


    Well, generally speaking, you should not read in a small print, for it really can damage your eyes and also can lead to some eye diseases. For example,you will have dry eyes or blurry eyes, double vision. When people read in a small print for a long time, it is easy to have eye strain because they have to focus their eyes on one thing for a long time. Then, the eye strain will just decrease the blood flow and in this way, your eye will become blurry, and just like we often say, the double vision happen. So in my opinion, you should not read in small print and also should control the time of reading.And having a good rest is also beneficial for your eyes.