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What are the best glasses for cricket?

Do you like to play cricket? Can you tell me what are the best glasses for cricket? Any idea?
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  • Samuel hill


    As far as I know, cricket is a team-based game right, and it usually involves cooperating with partners. Exciting though, however, if you have bad vision, there will be some problems, for example you will not see things clear, thus, you gotta wear glasses. But traditional glasses are too fragile to wear anyway. So my advice for you is to try contact lenses. They are convenient and relatively safe to wear, at least would not be cracked.
  • walkmen123


    To shield your eyes when you play cricket, you'd better choose sports glasses, also called sports sunglasses. By wearing the sunglasses, they can shield your eyes from sunshine and other particles in the air. What's more, wearing sports glasses can also prevent balls or other hard subjects hurt your eyes. If you need vision aids, prescription sports glasses are available right now.
  • chrisera21


    Well, in my opinion, you can try Oakley sunglasses. As we know that cricket is a kind of sport which can be played outdoor. So it is important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. And also, Oakley sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses which are wildly used in outdoor activities. Many people, who want to go outside to play basketball or go to the beach to have surfing, will choose them. And the Oakley sunglasses have UV protection so that it can prevent your eyes from sunlight and UV rays. Besides, they are of good quality, so you do not need to worry about the durability.
  • garcia


    If you want to wear the glasses for playing the cricket, I suggest you some excellent sports sunglasses which be very suitable for such sports. There are ray ban sunglasses, bolle sunglasses, adidas sunglasses, maui jim sunglasses. They are all good sports sunglasses for such activities which may help your eyes from the direct sunlight.