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Can a sinus infection cause puffy eyes?

I got sinus infection and my eyes appear puffy. Will a sinus infection cause puffy eyes? Any idea?
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  • carolmck


    Yes. sinus infection can cause puffy eyes. If you got sinus infection, you may get puffy eyes and even headache in the forehead especially in the morning. Besides, you can also feel facial pain, a chronic sore and tooth ache in the upper jaw area etc. It is really a terrible experience of sinus infection. So. just see a doctor immediately.
  • walks_alone_


    Yes, a sinus infection is one of the most common causes of puffy eyes. A sinus infection is also called sinusitis, which is one kind of inflammation of the sinuses. The tissue that surrounds the eye sockets, including the eyelids, could appear slightly pink and swollen to make the eyes seem more closed. It also causes light sensitivity, blurry vision and poor visual acuity temporarily. Even it could make the eye could not move for a short period if the sinus infections are serious.
  • Faith cook


    Yes, generally speaking, sinus infection can lead to puffy eyes. As we know that sinus infection is related to lack of sleep or general illness. When it happens, it can easily cause the puffy eyes. In other words, puffy eyes are a common symptom of sinus infection. But with puffy eyes, sinusitis problems may cause a dull ache or feeling of pressure in the eyes or across the middle of the face, nasal congestion. So if you have this kind of situation, just go and talk with your eye doctor, maybe he can help you.
  • Eugenia W.


    The sinus infection may cause the puffy eyes. As the throat, nose and eyes nerves are interlinked which may greatly cause the disorder for the eyes from the sinus infection, your eyes get puffy. You’d better treat the sinus infection firstly. Then your puffy eyes may release. Have a good rest these days.

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