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Does anyone konw who makes margaritaville sunglasses?

I like margaritaville sunglasses. Can you tell me who makes that margaritaville sunglasses? Any idea?
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  • carl


    Actually, margaritaville is a famous American brand which involves making a wide range of products, from purses to sunglasses, in a word, they produce quality and luxurious products. They are made in the USA, where it was founded decades ago. Personally speaking, I find these sunglasses attractive for women and girls. If you wanna buy, you are gonna spend a lot.
  • Robert murphy


    Sorry, I just know that the margaritaville sunglasses are made in Chinese processing company now. The design is so cool that attracts a lot of people's eyes. In addition, the quality is durable which can be worn for several years. If you need to buy new pair, you could take this into consideration.
  • elliekate825


    Margaritaville is a famous American brand which producing quality and luxurious products, like sunglasses. This new company has done just about everything right. The fit is great, the lenses are just right and the styling is low key, but tasteful. The included sunglass cord has a nautical themed attachment that looks brass, with the “Margaritaville” logo. If you look inside, the port and starboard sides have different colored screws in the hinge for the right and left sides. If you want to buy one, you deserve it.
  • Jim Grohn


    me no know