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Why are blue eyes considered more attractive?

Today, more and more people think that blue eyes is more attractive. Do you think so? Why?
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  • walkingalone089


    I think blue eyes are pretty and charming, because it's the same color with ocean and sky. They make me feel that they are full of things that I'm curious about. However, different people hold different opinions on the same things, some people may hate blue eyes. But that doesn't matter. What makes a person beautiful is their confidence, and the beauty isn't judged simply by the color of our eyes.
  • cook


    The blue eyes look more pure and clear from the visual side. There are a lot of blue contact lenses in the market which receive a lot of popularity among the young people. A lot of stars like this color which could also be matched with all other colors and designs of the clothing. At the same time, the blue contact lenses will just look natural at the eyes.
  • Jackson raphael


    As far as I am concerned, people with blue eyes are really more charming and attractive. Blue eyes are considered as one of the top 10 most attractive eyes among people all over the world. Men with blue eyes look more handsome and cool while women with blue eyes sexier and more charming. And actresses and actors with blue eyes definitely are comparatively more popular. And famous stars with blue eyes usually receive more admiration and applauses such as Reese Witherspoon and Leonardo DiCaprio. Another reason for the attractiveness of blue eyes is connected with the fact that now people born with blue eyes are less than before. As you know, when a thing is rare, it becomes more admirable and attractive.