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Can eye infection cause dry eyes?

It is very painful to get eye infection. And i also feel my eyes itches and dry. What causes that? Any idea?
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  • elpropio


    Well, I have to say that eye infection causes your eyes become dry and itchy. As we know that eye infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses or environmental agents, such as pollens and other irritants. So in many cases, people get eye infection when they are with irritants. So if you have eye infection, you may have some symptoms including burning feelings, discharge from eyes, eye pains, itchy eyes, especially dry eyes. So it is the normal causes of the eye infection. For the Treatment of your eye infection, you should seek medical care from your health care provider. Generally speaking, treatment approaches used will depend on the type and severity of your eye infection. The most effective way you should do is to have a conversation with your doctors.
  • gary


    Your problem may be caused by the lots of use of eyes in front of the computers for a long time with no rest. Then your eyes may feel dry and get infection. Or your situation may be caused by the bad environment in which lots of dust or sand comes into your eyes to let them get infection. You could use some eye drops to release the symptom. Or else, you could go to the hospital to have a check.
  • b2dar2dai2datt


    Yes, eye infection could cause dry eyes. Eye infection could be caused by numbers of reasons, and it can usually be classified as viral, bacterial or fungal. And dry eye means the tear gland could not produce adequate tears to moisture the eyes. One possibility of causing that is medical condition. Those people who have problems with inflammation of the eyelids, inflammation of the surfaces of the eye, the inward or outward turning of eyelids can cause dry eyes to develop. And these problems are sourced by viral, bacterial or fungal, which belong to the eye infection. Therefore, eye infection could cause dry eyes.