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Are red eyes a symptom of swine flu?

Can swine flue lead to red eyes? Is red eyes a sign of swine flue?
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  • giles


    Yes, swine flue can lead to red eyes. If you suffer from swine flue, you can have puffy and red eyes. But if you have red eyes, it may be caused by swine flue, as well as some reasons, such as infection. Symptoms of swine flu usually be headache, body aches, coughing, and nausea.
  • creepozoid


    Yes, the swine flue will cause the red eyes. Swine flue is an acute infectious respiratory disease of the pig which is characterized by sudden. The cough, dyspnea, fever will quickly turn over to swine flu. The internal virus causes the respiratory system disease. The swine flu by influenza A virus will usually cause outbreaks in pigs. It can be spread throughout the year. The swine flu was identification for C influenza virus or influenza A virus. The sub-species of the virus can be one of the swine flu outbreaks caused by usually few human swine flu virus infections. The swine flue will cause red eyes. However, red eyes can mean a lot of problems, like the eyes problems, cold, fever, swine flue and so on. Once you find the problems, you should just find time to treat it as soon as possible.