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Noah james


Is it safe to wear colored contacts?

I have perfect vision but I want colored contacts to change my eye color.I don't want to have any eye problems.Is it safe to wear?
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  • Makayla raphael


    Colored contacts are identical to normal soft hydrogel contact lenses, except they have an iris pattern applied to the surface of the lens with non-toxic ink. When the lens is applied to the eye, the colored pattern on the surface of the lens is viewed as the eye's color.As colored contact lenses are made from identical materials to certain soft hydrogel contact lenses, they are approved by the FDA and are perfectly safe to wear.
  • Caroline


    Yeah.Colored contacts have no power in the lenses and you can wear them for cosmetic purpose only. Now many people wear colored contacts to make their eyes more beautiful and attractive. So it is safe to wear colored contacts and they won't cause any eye problem if you get the good ones.
  • Caitlin owen


    To make sure you are safe to wear colored contacts,you need to have an eye exam and follow your doctor's instruction.

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