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Why did I see black spots in the corner of my vision?

I suffered an extreme headache last night and the next morning when I woke up,I see black spots in the corner of my vision and they are always there.It is quite annoying and makes me difficult to focus. I had an eye exam before and everything is normal.
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  • Kaylee


    You'd better do a general body check, especially fot the brain part. Headaches and blurry vision maybe a kind of sign of neurothlipsis on your brain. If this occurs frequently, please go to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Faith fergus


    Your headaches may be caused by a migraneit and the black spots may be a detached retina, which is a serious medical problem.You should go to see your doctor immediately or it will do harm to your eyes.
  • Kimberly Y


    If the spots seem to move around when you move your eyes,it is floaters.It often happens in the morning.There is no need to worry as they are harmless to your eyes.You will get used to them soon.