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Do I need glasses or something else?

I feel my vision is worsening lately.. I can still see but It's harder to focus to on things especially at night. Does this mean I need glasses or can it be cancer or some disease? I am so worried.
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  • Angela


    Go to your optometrist to check if your vision is getting worse and if it is necessary for you to have a new pair of eyeglasses. I'd like to remind you that long time reading or playing computer is one of the cause of your worsening vision. Spend less time and take a break several minutes of using eyes and look into the far distance.
  • duncan


    You should go to see your eye doctor and have an eye exam to make sure whether you need a pair of glasses. You may get myopia, and then you need glasses to help you see clearly. It is also caused by eye strain which you get when you do too much close work, like watching TV, staring at the computer screen and maybe studying. If so, you should give your eyes enough time to rest.
  • Thomas oliver


    If you are still young,you may need glasses. Go to have an eye exam and get a pair of glasses to see how it feel.It can't be cancer,don't worry too much.