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Alisa O.


Is there any place that can replace the non-prescription lenses?

I found a pair of non prescription glasses and really love the style,but I am nearsighted, so I was wondering if there any place could replace the lens with a prescription lens?How much would it cost approximately?
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  • Jessica


    You can take your eyeglasses to some eye stores to see if they can do this for you. But some of them are unwilling to do so, because it is hard to find the lenses that are quite suitable for the frame size, or even the lenses are OK but they will take the risk of breaking the lenses when putting the lenses in and out. The best solution for you is to get another pair of prescription eyeglasses with a style that is similar to your favorite one.
  • claudiagonza82


    You can do this but this would be very costly.What's more, replacing the lenses would be a difficult jod, which many labs are not willing to replace lenses because you may not enjoy the result. Most of time the lenses that you replaced cannot fit your original frame.If you do need to replace your lenses, you can go to an optician and let them have a try.
  • bell


    Any optical store can you.Just take the glasses with your prescription.It is hard to tell the cost.