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Susan Wright


Any suggestion for choosing Reading Glasses?

I am considering buying a pair of reading glasses,but I have no idea about them.How to choose one that suits me best?
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  • harris


    Before you go to buy reading glasses,you should have your eyesight tested by your optometrist.Then you can choose your reading glasses either through your optometrist or online. When you begin to choose reading glasses, just select a design and style which can go well with your face and skin color. And choose the reading glasses which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • griffin


    1. Choose the styles of frames that you like, just go directly to your nearest drug store or discount store.In fact, any types of frames are available for reading glasses. 2. Choose the lenses for your reading glasses. To get started, test yourself: follow the instructions on the card as they relate to distance and power (for example, If you must stand xx feet away to read this, use 1.25). If there are no instructions, grab a pair of glasses and start reading whatever is nearby.3. Select a pair of glasses that you think might be the appropriate correction. 4. get used to the glasses.
  • Stephanie


    You should know the strength you need for your reading glasses before you choose reading glasses.Ask your doctor what strength you should get based on your prescription.Then you just need to choose a frame you like and lenses.The optician would make reading glasses for you.