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Where can i get tortoise shell glasses like spike lee's?

Do you know the tortoise shell glasses that spike lee wears? Can you tell me where i can buy such glasses?
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  • Michelle leonard


    I happened to know that there's a website,, they provide you various glasses. You can visit their home page, then choose the right one for yourself. However, ebay and amazon can be helpful if you want to buy the same one with Spike Lee. Visit ebay or amazon, type"tortoise shell glasses spike wears" in the search bar, then lots of glasses will show up, then you can choose one cased on the price and the comments given by former customers .


    Well, there are many types of tortoise shell glasses which are popular with many people. And first, tortoise shell glasses are made of tortoise shell. And because of the special material, the glasses have a lot of advantages. For example, because of the durability, tortoise shell glasses can be used for many years. Also, the glasses can be cool and attractive. Besides, its durability and its organic warmth against the skin make people feel well. If you want to buy them, you can just go and surf the internet and then, you can just find some resources.
  • Eric


    The tortoise shell glasses that spike lee wears are so special at the design and attractive. If you want to be unique and special at wearing the glasses, you could take this one into consideration. You could go to the online stores, like amazon or ebay to have a look. There must be such types of glasses.