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What should I do if my eyes get hurt by my nail?

I happen to hurt my eyes with my nail, what should I do?
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  • Adam tuener


    I am so sorry to heard that your eyes get hurt by nail. You shall check if it serious to your eyes, if your eyes appear red or serious pain, it may cause scracthed in the eyes, you'd better see a doctor for help. Besides, you are not allow to wear contact lenses till your eyes healed. If you feel really pain right now, you can apply cold compress to reduce the painness in the eyes. I hope this can help you.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    Oh, i am sorry to heard it. Do you still feel pain right now. If so, apply cold compress to help you reduce pain. Then, check your eyes with mirror if it is badly hurt. Check if the nail cause scratches on the surface of the eyes. If it does, you'd better consult an eye doctor what can you do right now to help the eyes. If not, it is a good news that your eyes may not got serious damages by nail. Good luck.