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Logan quick


How long will it take to get my perscription eye contacts?

Do u guys know how long can I get used to my perscription eye contacts?
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  • Guava


    I worn prescription lenses too. It is really quicky to get the lenses if you go an eyeglasses shop. Of courses, first, you shall take an eye examination for prescritpion, then, you can buy the proper prescritpion contact lenses. In fact, they are alrealy made for sale. Just choosing contact lenses according to your prescritpion. If you have any question or confusion, you can conslut their sellers. Good luck.
  • Alexa murphy


    It depends on where you buy them. If you buy them from an eyeglasses shop, you can get immedetly as you expected. But if you buy them from online shop, it may spend several days for shipping. But, most of people think that conatct lenses from online shop are much cheaper than they were in local glasses shop.
  • Rebecca


    Different people are different from each other. Sometimes, it is easy for a person who get used to wear a pair of new contacts. However, for some people, it need more or less one week to get used to it. So you may try another more day to see whether the contacts is fitted or not.
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