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Can you wear eye makeup with a chalazion?

I suffer chalazion. Is it OK if i wear some eye makeup? Will it make chalazion more serious? I am worry about it.
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  • Angela green


    You'd better not to wear any makeup because it can slow down your recovery session. You need to keep your eyes clean when you get chalazion. The natural recovery begin with the breath of your skin around the eyes. You need to use anti-inflammation drugs if needed.
  • b0wfing3r


    Well, of course, you are not supposed to wear makeup when you have eye chalazion. Generally speaking, eye chalazion is a lump of the lid that is caused by obstruction of the drainage duct of an oil gland within the upper or lower eyelid. And this lump may increase in size. And because of it, your eyes will turn to red, warm, or painful. If you wear makeup which contains a lot of chemical material, it will be possible to make your eyes become irritated. And in that way, it will just make your eye chalazion more serious. So just avoid it. And it will be fine.
  • John clark


    No, it is not ok for you to wear the eye makeup which may contain the lots of chemical materials that can affect your chalazion and let it get serious. You'd better not do the makeup at the eyes and wear the contact lenses. You could just have the good rest and accept the medical care to treat the chalazion.