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Why do i get blurred vision when looking to the side?

I have blurred vision when i look to the side. Is this normal? Why do i got blurred vision?
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  • Neil


    This is abnormal. It should peripheral vision loss or blurry, which indicates some certain disease or condition. Peripheral vision is the vision scope besides of the central vision. I am not sure what your situation is exactly based on your simple description. With peripheral vision loss or blurry, you might feel that you are looking at everything through a narrow tunnel, so it is called tunnel vision too. Normally tunnel vision comes from eye trauma, stroke, optic nerve damages, glaucoma or some brain disorder. You 'd better to take an examination at your earliest to find out if anything wrong.
  • Jonah


    Blurred vision caused by lots of reasons, such as tiredness, eyesight dropping, astigmatism, hypotension, or anemia, etc. You need to check out what makes your blurred vision based on your situation. If you are tired, few minutes' relaxation can make you recover from blurred vision. If your blurred vision is caused by eyesight dropping and astigmatism, you may need more remedies, such as massage. If you suffer from anemia or hypotension, nutritious meals are always needed.
  • Julio G.


    We all have the side vision. That is to say, we should not feel blurred vision when we look to the sides. It is not the normal symptom. You may have the eyes infection. You could use the eyes drops to release the eyes. The eyes drops should be with the anti-inflammation role. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.