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How to keep my eyes white when smoking weed?

You know, smoke too much weed, they eyes may become yellow. Is there any way i can do to keep my eyes white when smoking weed?
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  • walking_lives_


    I have to inform you that, smoking can lead lots of consequences which you don't want to experience. Indeed, smoking weed, your eyes will tend to be look really lifeless right? And there are other things you have not noticed yet, and actually, your eyes become yellow through internal effect. So, generally speaking, you cannot change to what you used to be unless you reduce to smoke weed. Good luck with your health.
  • Lydia


    No, there will be no good way for you to keep eyes white while smoking weed. When you smoke weed a lot, the irritating materials will stimulate your eye nerves which may cause the capillary bleeding. However if the blood is totally attracted by the retina, it may become the yellow sediment. I suggest you not to smoke weed a lot. And you'd better keep the eyes moisture by eating more food with vitamin C.

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