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Over the counter reading glasses vs. prescription reading glasses,which is better?

I want to buy reading glasses. And one of my friends suggest me to buy over the counter reading glasses. So, here, i want to ask some ideas about over the counter reading glasses and prescription reading glasses. Which one is better?
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  • Ariana oliver


    If your prescription belongs to the integer number, you can take the counter reading glasses into consideration. The price of couter reading glasses is relatively lower than the common reading glasses which prescription can be adjusted. And the counter reading glasses are made in the complete set. You just base on your prescription to choose.
  • Jose


    It is hard to say which one is better. prescription reading glasses are made based on personal prescription. It is only made for the patient who need the glasses. however, over the counter reading glasses are already made reading glasses varying in different prescription. People can choose it according to their prescription. For example, if you prescription is +2.00 for two eyes, you can just Over the counter reading glasses with +2.00 lenses. And the eyeglasses can also provide the same vision aids as you buy preacription reading glasses.
  • Shelby harris


    In your case, you had better select a pair of prescription reading glasses. It is normal that the prescription between each eye is different. Prescription reading eyewear is customized for your vision by providing the lens that matches the power in each of your eye. However, the over the counter reading eyewear cannot precisely meet the vision needs for most people due to they are suitable for people who need help magnifying the print they are reading. While they might make the print larger and easier to see, a prescription is likely to do an even better job. Another reason is most people have small amounts of astigmatism, and no over the counter readers correct for it, so the readers might help but not as much as a full corrective prescription written by an eye doctor.