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Where are guess sunglasses made? in china?

Is there anyone bought Guess sunglasses? Are they made in China? Is they are comfortable to wear?
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  • Andrew bell


    In fact, when you are asking this question, I think you know you will not get a exact answer. Nevertheless, I will also tell you what I know, as far I know, the brand Guess is famous for its clothing. Later, the company started to produce the sunglasses. And the head office and factory located in LA, USA, of course, you can get the conclusion that the guess sunglasses are made in USA. We all know the labor is very cheap in China, and the head office wants to make more money, they are willing to send the spare parts to China (maybe their branch office) to manufacturer the Guess sunglasses. The sunglasses produced at last called OEM. Besides, maybe some of them are delivered back to USA to sell and some of them will be stay in China to be sold to us. Consequently, sometimes you will get the Guess sunglasses that made in China, and sometimes they are made in USA, but all of them are genuine ones.
  • chokeyourthroat


    The Guess company is founded in 1941 in Los Angles. Thus the guess sunglasses are made in America. About whether they are made in China, I don't know whether china has their processing branch companies. About the quality, they are excellent. About the style, they are fashionable, and cool. And they are very comfortable to wear.
  • christensengirl


    Well, you st to know that guess is a brand which was established by four brothers in France, and initially they mainly focused on producing jeans. However later on they moved to American. So, typically, guess sunglasses are made in the USA. Personally speaking,I have not got one yet, but I will once I have the money. Indeed, they have been making sunglasses for some time, and their sunglasses are really cool and comfortable .