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How to adjust crooked glasses frames?

I have a pair of crooked glasses frame. Can you tell me how to adjust it so as to let me still can wear it. I temporarily do not tend to buy new eyeglasses. Please help.
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  • carter


    Pls no worries, because it is a piece of cake to adjust the crooked glasses frame. If you just bought your glasses for short time, then you can take them back to the shop and the pros will adjust for you, of course, they will do it free to charge. If they glasses are your old friend, then I think only you can help them without fees. Here I will tell you how to adjust it, because I often do it fro myself and my little brother. First of all, you should prepare some items for your first try; steam, cloth and your crooked glasses frame. Then, you should check how does the frame crooked, later you can warm your loved frame over steam. And try to blend them accordingly with the cloth. At last, you can have a good visibility with the help of the glasses. Hope I can help you out.
  • fergus


    You'd better change the new one because the crooked frame glasses may let you wear uncomfortably. If you just want to wear it temporarily, you can use the adhesive plaster to stick the basic frame. And about the part of nose pad, you can make it more fixed to make your wearing a little comfortable.
  • Anita


    Well, from your description, I will suggest you should go to the glasses store that they can give you the professional repair. If you want to adjust them by yourself, you should prepare many tools for it. And it's very difficult to adjust them by yourself because you don't know the right way and the contractures. Especially they have some special designs, so you may destroy them. anyway , in your situation, you should not adjust them by yourself, just ask some people to help you.
  • Zoe


    Well, looks like you are in quite a hurry. So, from what I know, you should know the material of your frames before you can think of a good way to fix it! If they are made of plastic, you simply cannot do anything about it. Otherwise, but if it is made of metal, you could try to fix them with force. Because you cannot afford to find an optical store within such little time.
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