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Are blue eyes ugly?

How do you think of blue eyes? Do you think people with blue eyes ugly, or pretty?
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  • Andrew hill


    There are tons of people's eyes are blue, how can I say, they are ugly. Seriously speaking, blue eyes are so pretty to me, personally. People with blue eyes seemed very smart and acute, just like fairy. However, different people hold different opinions over things, there has to be someone thinks blue eyes are ugly. If you are a person with blue eyes, you need to be proud of yourself, you need to be confident to make others believe blue eyes are beautiful.
  • bell


    OK, if you are talking about the color of your eyes, if they are blue. Ok, then I could say, blue eyes are very beautiful to most people, because they are gorgeous, demure, and clear as ocean. Anyway, a lot of people like them so you don't have to worry. But if you want some other colors, then you could try to get some circled contact lenses at Amazon, which is a nice place with good prices.
  • Kyle


    Well, in my opinion, blue eyes are very beautiful in some degree. And maybe some people will feel strange with people who have blue eyes. But on the other hand, blue eyes can look pure just like sea water. And that can be amazing. So you do not need to worry about your blue eyes. Just enjoy them.

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