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Cassidy campbell


What is the difference between stye and blepharitis?

Can you tell me how to tell if i get stye or blepharitis? What's their differences?
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    Blepharitis and eye stye are both caused by inflammation or infection. But they are different. Usually, there are two types of Blepharitis, anterior blepharitis and posterior blepharitis. But Blepharitis is usually appearing redness and swelling along the edge of your eyelids. Buy eye style is an infection affect the edge of the eyelid. Some people also called it hordeolum. And eye stye is a minor, short-term bacterial infections. If you suffer infection on your around your eyes, you'd better consult a doctor and take the right treatment. Good luck.
  • Justin williams


    Well, a stye is inflammation of the eyelid, usually inside one of the small glands lining this eyelid. And most styes are caused by infection from bacteria. Also, when you are stressed and haven't slept well your immune system maybe vulnerable and thus allowing infections to happen this might cause stye. But Blephariti is inflammation and it occurs on the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow. Because of it, your eyes can eventually become red, irritated and itchy. And when the small oil glands near the base of the eyelashes don't work properly, it can be possible too. And when it occurs, double vision and blurred vision may occur too, so just be careful about it.

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