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What are signs of lazy eyes?

I am afraid that lazy eyes may happen to my kid. Is there anyone who can tell me what signs of lazy eyes are?
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  • Michael anderson


    You need to ask your kid for some reliable information. Firstly, look at her eyes carefully to see if one eye turns inward or outward. Secondly, Notice if one of your eyes seems stronger than the other or if her eyes seem out of sync. Thirdly, ask her If she often gets blurred vision or double vision. Besides, you can take your kid to see the doctor and have a series of tests to check if your kid has lazy eyes.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    The lazy eyes are known as amblyopia, which is a common eye vision problem that occurs by kids who are under 6. In order to identify whether the kid gets lazy eyes, there are some obvious signs that would appear. When the kid focuses on an object, if his/her eyes are working separately instead of together, this might be the indication of the lazy eyes. Or the depth perception can be a good method to check the lazy eyes. You can hold an object, such a toy, away from the kid and ask him/her to reach it without moving. If he/she does not reach far enough or grab it like fumbling in mid-air, which means he/she could not judge distance well so that both eyes could not work well. It is one of obvious signs of lazy eyes. Another sign of lazy eyes is that the kid's eyes cross frequently. Though it's a complex vision problem, it also leads to lazy eyes.