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How to deal with constant red eyes?

I often suffer red eyes, how to deal with this problem?
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  • walkersrarest


    Constant red eyes may be caused by lack of sleep, watching too much TV, playing computer too much or wearing contacts. People wearing contacts can easily get red eyes. But there is also a disease that blood veins will start growing in your eyes and cause your eyes to look blood shot. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do to stop it if that is the cause. So I would suggest you to get your vision checked.
  • Ieff


    There are many reasons that can cause red eyes. You should find the specific reason such as lacks of sleeping, allergies and more. But don't worry. It's very easy to recover if you take the doctor's advice and comply well with the treatment. On the whole, you will recover in one or two weeks. Some tips are suggested as follows: 1. Keep your hands clean. 2. Avoid to strong light and wear sunglasses when you are outside. 3. Take some pointed medicine to treat your eyes. 4. Don't go to places which are crowed with people because in these places you can be infected with the eye disease.
  • Luke shelley


    The red eyes' season often appears in the spring. But some other people also say it in Summer(July and August) when at these two seasons, I suppose you do not go to the crowd frequently. As we know, the more people in the public, the risk of affecting red eye is bigger. In fact, when you assure that you have caught the red eye, go to the eye hospital to check what condition you are. Then, based on your case, the eye doctor will suit the right treatment for you. For example, maybe you can wear a pair of sunglasses when you have to go outside under the red hot sun. Or you should use the tableware separating from others and keep clean whenever it is possible. Of course, it is necessary to drop some ocular lubricant to wet your eyes. You even can put the hot compress on your eyes in order to relieve the strains of eye. The most serious is to have an ophthalmic operation. Though I say so many things above, don't worry about too much. Just relax yourself and pay special attention to the preventive measures. Eat some Vitamin A, B, C and E. Love your own eye.

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