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What to do for constant burning eyes

I always feel burning eyes. Why? What can i do for it ?
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  • coulisse_16


    Burning eyes can be caused by many factors. Smoke, pollen, or a viral infection such as a cold or the flu can cause eyes burning. If you also feel dry and itchy, you are possibly having dry eyes. In this case, you can get some OTC lubricating eye drops and use them whenever your eyes burn until you see the eye doctor and ask if you have abrassions or edema of the cornea.
  • Connor nelson


    Burning eyes have many possible causes. To find the specific reason, you should base on your body. If you look at the computer or TV all the day, It may cause burning eyes. If you are a workaholic and have hardly any time to relax yourself, your eyes may burn. If you stay in a bad environment full of environmental pollutants, it may cause burning eye. All in all, many factors may cause burning eyes. But don't worry, some suggestions are offered to you to treat your constant burning eyes. Firstly, you should keep balanced diet for intake of necessary nutrients, vitamin A, C, E are very necessary for your eyes. Secondly, you can do some eye excises to relieve your eye muscle. Thirdly, relax yourself when you feel you are tired. Besides, you can you can use some anti-fatigue eye drops to treat your constant burning eyes.