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Can an optometrist diagnose dry eye ?

My eyes feel so dry in recent days, i am not sure if it is dry eyes. Can i get an eye check at an optometrist? I mean can an optometrist diagnose dry eye ?
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  • walkingbassline


    Most optometrists diagnose dry eyes and are capable of treating dry eyes without the assistance of an ophthalmologist. An optometrist is an eye doctor who has achieved the Doctor of Optometry degree and specializes in examining eyes and correcting refractive errors, so you can ask an optometrist to diagnose your eyes.
  • Alexia


    Yes, an optometrist can diagnose dry eyes. Actrually most optometrists have the skill to diagnose and treat some common eye problems.They can diagnose dry eye during a routine sight test. So just go to see the diagnose and have a check.
  • Miranda


    There have two reasons that would bring the trouble for your eyes. One is virus infection and the other is caused by long time use of eyes to lead eyes fatigue and blurred vision. Eye drops of artificial tears will help you a lot in a short time. Doing massage by yourself every after two hours’ eye use and watching far distance view from the windows. However, the other reason of dry eyes may be caused by the common term of xerosis of conjunctiva. It’s the eyes symptom of tear film’s pathological change, thus the cornea and conjunctiva without normal moist and feel dry. Different reason needs different therapy method in early time. You know the function of an optometrist? He will only responsible for the prescription check of your myopia eyes. To deal with the disease, the right way is go to hospital to find a doctor then he will help you out of the question.

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