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How to treat eye discharge in children?

I noticed that my child often get eye discharge in recent days. Can you tell me how to treat it?
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  • constans


    Sure, there are a lot of ways you can treat it. First you should know that the most common eye discharge cause is irritation due to the silver nitrate eye drops and this irritation often accompanies a viral cold, so go to your doctor and have this checked first of all. Also, it can be caused by bacterial infections, so you need to use some eye drops for your child, ask the doctor for the right ones.
  • Striker


    We can know from various researches what causes eye discharge in children and the treatment of eye discharge should be in accordance with the corresponding cause. Normally, there are seven leading causes of eye discharge in children, namely, viral conjunctivitis, glaucoma, corneal abrasion, blocked tear duct, bacterial conjunctivitis and allergic conjunctivitis. So I can;t tell what exactly is the best treatment for your child's eye discharge but still I recommend you to get your child's eyes examined and diagnosed immediately. Only do you and the eye doctor know the exact cause can you have a nice ideal about how to get the eye discharge cured.
  • eduardoroxmisox


    It's normal. Eye discharges are form of bacteria. That means during your sleeping, these matters want to enter your baby's eyes. Eye discharges are most common harmless, but they still have a power to cause some severe eye problems, such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis. As for adults, eye discharges are also form of make-up or extra oily skin. While children may because of infections. When comes to treat eye discharges, the best thing you must do is determine what causes it. Here I recommend several home remedies. A warm cloth can be used to clean the eye discharge in the corner of your baby's eyes when eyes are glued shut. Do not make-up, or your child may get further infection. Next you also can use a baby shampoo or other mild detergent to wash child's eyelashes. Massaging the lids with a downward motion will help push out oils. If all these solutions do not work, it's time to see a doctor, especially you child feel eye pain.

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