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Jocelyn griffin


Does castor oil help blepharitis?

Is it true that castor oil can help blepharitis? Can you tell me more in detail about it?
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  • Jason


    Castor oil can help people reduce the discomfort caused by infections and inflammation. So, it can help people cure blepharitis. Even though castor oil is commonly used as condiment, there are still some people use it directly to eyes. It's harmless, however, it may cause other eye problems because our eyes can't fully absorb it. Add castor oil in our daily meal can make us healthier by promoting our blood circulation, improving digestive system, and smoothing our skin.
  • california_babi


    Well, yes, castor oil can be helpful to Blephariti. In common, Blephariti is a kind of inflammation which usually involving the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow. And when it occurs, the eyes will become red, irritated and itchy. At this moment, you can try some castor oil to treat it. First, you can just open the bottle of castor oil and place a few drops on a clean, sterile cotton ball. And then gently apply the oil to your under eye area. And you can just do this in several days, and it will just relieve your situation.
  • Brooke peters


    Castor oil can be effective in treating blepharitis. I guess that doctors and your friends must have told you that clean blepharitis and use ointment or eye drops. Exactly these ways work for blepharitis. But some other treatment options you are also worthy to try. Just as castor oil which you wanna know its function. Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean. As we all know , castor oil is widely used in food industry as additives, such as flavorings, candy. But castor oil is generally recognized as safe and effective in medical area. The use of cold pressed castor oil in folk medicine predates government medical regulations. Castor oil works for skin disorders, burns and cuts. Castor oil has a great effect on cleaning styes in the eye through pouring a small amount into the eye and allowing it to circulate around the inside of the eyelid. Castor oil also has been used to be rub oil to heal blepharitis. But what you should pay attention is that keep away from castor oil which is left in the bottom of a bottle.