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Allison walker


How to make your eyes not baggy?

In recent days, i noticed that my eyes is baggy. It looks really ugly. Do you have any idea to reduce it?
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  • claire_lew


    Firstly, you need to drink lots of water every day. Eight glasses of water per day. Avoid caffeine, soft drinks and alcohol because these beverages dry out the body and contribute to skin problems. Then reduce your baggy eyes by placing chilled, used teabags to closed eyes during a nap or at the end of the day. You may also apply a chilled cucumber slice or potato slice. And sufficient sleep each night is necessary. You need 7 hours per day at least. What's more, increase intake of fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of Vitamin C through orange juice, grapefruits or vitamin supplements.
  • castro_jan


    Ok, from what you said, i can see that your eyes are not in good conditions, and your baggy eyes are a sign of your eye problem. From what I can see, if your baggy eyes are not derived from ageing, then they might just be swollen eyes, which might be resulted from some reasons, such as too much water, infections, or other disease. Here you could try to get some cold compressor and apply it on your eyelids, then try not to drink too much water. Also, you could get some tea bags on your eyes to relieve the situation.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    Well, for many people, it is normal to have eye bags under eyes. And in that way, it can just make you look older and ugly. Of course, there are many ways which can just reduce the baggy eyes. For example, Witch hazel, it can also help get rid of the swelling, irritation, and occasional discharge in eyes, especially the eye bags. Besides, according to some experts, you can use some cool cucumber and tea bags on your eyes. And that can just relieve your situation in several days. Of course, lack of sleep and stress can lead to eye bags too, so you need to pay more attention to it.