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Where can i get black glasses like lebron james?

Do you know lebron james? It is really cool especially when he wears black eyeglasses, huh? But where can i get such black eyeglasses like lebron james wears? Any idea?
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  • Dan Samberg


    Yeah, the black eyeglasses the lebron james wears are so cool which attract a lot of people to buy one. However, that type of eyeglasses is so expensive that common people can't bear. You can find the similar type from Walmart where the price is suitable and the quality is good.
  • equine_world


    I just search it. It is a common black eyeglasses. You can find such black sunglasses in many eyeglasses shop both real shop or online shop. And i also a sign that lebron james glasses at You can just search it. If you need vision aids, don't forget your prescription when you buy such black eyeglasses. Good luck.
  • David garcia


    Yes, indeed, Lebron James has now become the best basketball player in the world for his excellence, especially what he had shown during the London Olympics right? So, what he wears are called black frame glasses and they are really cool on men. Actually, there are a lot of them available in the market. You can easily find them in local stores. If you are not sure if you can find them, just buy them on the internet.
  • Brooke peters


    Black eyeglasses are very classic and a lot of celebrities are wearing them such as lebron james. Moreover, lebron james has worn a lot of black eyeglasses, I do not know which pair you mean exactly. Frankly, nowadays, you can buy each kind of black eyeglasses at online eyeglasses store or mortar and brick store. You can try Hope this helpful.