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Are contact lenses as safe as eyeglasses for sports?

Wearing contact lenses sometimes really makes life easy. But will i be safe if i wear contact lenses for sports? Are contact lenses as safe as eyeglasses ?
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  • creationfest


    Although the contact lenses sometimes make life easy to some degree, they will be less safe for sports activities than the eyeglasses. First of all, they are easily fallen down during your sports activities which may affect your vision. Secondly, the sweat will be fallen down in your eyes which may let your eyes get infection. Last of all, the knock during the sports may let the eyes with contact lenses get serious result. In a word, it is safe for you to wear the contact lenses during the sports activity.
  • Christina keith


    Looks like you really care for contact lenses right? Sometimes it is really helpful and gives our life convenience and good looking. But as to sports , if you are planning to wear them while having sports, you should be careful buddy. Actually, they are not suitable for intensive sports activities such as football or basketball, but if you choose something like jogging or jumping rope, it will be ok. Just be careful when you take sports.
  • Joshua?


    Of course it will be safe to wear contacts when you have sports. Because contacts are made of plastics and have the perfect designs, it can make you feel comfortable when you have the sports. As we know that if you wear a pair of eyeglasses, it is likely to have hurt in your eyes. But for contacts, they don’t have this kind of problems. On the other hand, you also should pay more attention to the infection which can lead to some eyes diseases. Anyway, you should use your contacts in a right way and protect them carefully.