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How to take down eye swelling from shellfish allergy?

I got swelling eyes because of shellfish allergy. IS there anything i can to to reduce my eye swelling? Please help.
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  • Thomas keith


    Many people get allergic at the sea food. The serious problem is that they may get the swelling eyes. You'd better stop eating any sea food immediately. Take care of the food that you eat. Then drink more pure water and eat the food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. Wish you good luck.
  • walksal0ne


    If you're already got the swelling eyes, you'd better go to a doctor and take some medicine, and the symptoms of swelling eyes could last for several hours or days, and to protect you from swelling eyes, you'd better do not eat shellfish any more. And I suggest you have a allergy test to make sure if there are other food allergy also can cause your swollen eyes.
  • Andrea lester


    Firstly, you need stop the allergic source fish, and please do not touch the place of swelling eyes. Eat some antiallergy medicine. Boric acid solution washing will be good for your recovery. Ice bag would be applied to your eyes. If you use cosmetics, use neutral cosmetics and use clean water to wash your face. Relax and get enough sleep. If the symptom are serious, go to doctor for help.