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Can i get lasik if i have blepharitis ?

I want to take lasik surgery to improve my vision. But i suffer blepharitis. So, Is it OK if i take the surgery in this time?
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  • Isabel fergus


    I am afraid that you are not suitable to take laser eye surgery under such circumstances. If you want to undergo the surgery, you have to cure the blepharitis firstly; otherwise, it can have a side effect on the surgery effect of the improving your vision and affect the healing process.
  • Kimberly


    It is not OK for you to accept the lasik surgery since you suffer the blepharitis. Blepharitis is commonly known as black rim of the eye. The blepharitis skin and eyelash root of chronic get the inflammation. It has a tendency to recur. It is often caused by chronic conjunctivitis refractive error, dusty or irritating gas long-term stimulus and weak life. The self-conscious symptom is urticant painful eye. You may have the dry feeling and visual fatigue. In some cases, you may meet the risk of bacterial infection. The blepharitis may appear small ulcers if you don't treat it well. The eyelash may be off palpebral scurfy into the eye which can cause conjunctivitis. You need to take the medical treatment to make you look comfortable at the eyes. After you treat it, you could take the lasik surgery. You should not use your hand to rub eyes. About the towel, handkerchief and basin, you should use alone in order to avoid infection. You'd better treat it carefully and then take the surgery into consideration.

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