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chris R


How to tell if jimmy choo sunglasses are fake?

I want to buy jimmy choo sunglasses. But i don't know how to choose it. Any idea? How to tell if jimmy choo sunglasses are fake or real?
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  • Holly


    If the jimmu choo sunglasses are fake, the brand mark on the frame side will not be smooth. In addition, the detailed manual workmanship will not be excellent. You could wear it to feel the realness. However, you could also make it on the table to see the balancing part. If it is fake, it will be leaned on one side.
  • Thomas


    As a matter of fact, Jimmy choo was named after its founder's English name. Nowadays, Jimmy choo has been popular among Hollywood actresses and it is famous for its special design especially for women. So, once you decide you buy them, you should carefully check the quality and the serial number which was designed to tell whether it is real or not. Or you might as well contact their customer services to ask for help.

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