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Jason warren


Why does anna wintour always wear sunglasses ?

In recent days, I find an interesting phenomenon: It seems anna wintour often wears sunglasses. Do you know why?
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  • Katelyn owen


    It is a popular to wear sunglasses recent years.There are lots of reasons lead to this. First of all, everyone wants to look cool, and thanks to the deliver of fashion magazines,sunglasses became the necessity of being fashionable and cool. People likes to follow the trend. Another reason I see is that people take their health much more carefully. Our world get polluted seriously, and the air are no more clean,the sunshine became harmful. So it's reasonable to use sunglasses to protect our eyes. In a word, wearing sunglasses is really good for protecting eyes, as well as being cool.
  • Andrea lester


    Well, yes, there are many famous people who are wearing sunglasses, no matter where they go, even indoor. And you may think it is strange to do that. But actually, it can be beneficial for their eyes. Generally speaking, for the famous stars, there will have some strong light around them. And that can just hurt their eyes, if they do not have some tools to protect the eyes. So by wearing sunglasses, it will just dark the light. Also, of course, wearing sunglasses will just make them look cool and attractive. So that is why they prefer to wearing sunglasses anytime.
  • Caroline hill


    All right, I quite understand how you feel, and it is true that she wears a pair of black sunglasses in public. And she looks good with black sunglasses. So, from what I know, most of those celebrities wear sunglasses just to protect their privacy, or appear to be cool, or do they just like them. It happens on famous personages. Anyway, sunglasses could also protect against harmful lights you know? So, you could also get a pair if necessary.