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How to treat eye infection from contacts?

I wear contact lenses for about 2 years. Now, i get infections because of contact lenses. How can i get rid of that infection?
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  • crystalise34


    People who wear contact lenses are more likely to get eye infections due to the decrease in oxygen reaching their corneas and bacterial or fungal buildup caused by failure to properly disinfect their contact lenses. If you get infection when wearing contact lenses, you should stop wear them immediately. If your eye does not get better in 1-2 hours after lens removal, you need to see the doctor right away.
  • Anita


    Contact lens infections can occur for various reasons. Firstly,you should calm down remove your contact lens at the first sign of a problem put them in your regular cleaning solution and do not throw them away,then you can use a magnifying mirror to thoroughly check each eye for any foreign body or debris. You need to wash your hands for several minutes with antibacterial soap and warm water and rinse out your eyes with distilled water,after that,immerse a tea bag in boiling water for five minutes. Place the bag on your infected eye for five minutes,this will help reduce inflammation and help the eye to heal. in your eyes,here come the most importtant step,go in for a thorough eye examination,you should take your used contact lens and solutions with you. Describe your symptoms to the doctor, who can then make a diagnosis and determine a treatment plan.
  • croatiadiary


    When you get infection due to contact lenses, you need to stop wearing right now, and let the eyes have a rest, don't make your eyes too tired. Or you can go to the hospital for a prescription oral anti-inflammatory medicine and eye lotion, drop some into your eyes. If the infection is very serious, you need to see a doctor, having a fully check, do as the doctor tell you. I sincerely hope you will be better as soon as possible.
  • Ajlin Sulejmani


    I have the same problem , I've never had eye infection by contact lenses till today - (I use Air Optix-Night and Day). It's been two years that i wear conatcs and i have never asked too myself what would happen if I sleep on it - lol , and I had never took out contacts for 1 week ,,,Every month!!!!, Do you believe that !! NOW it's been 3 weeks that my eyes are so red and i just keep touching them, I used Systane Ultra, Alcon but they didn't helped me (Sorry if you dont understan something i don't know so much english)