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rommel abad


How to choose prescription sports glasses for basketball?

I like to play basketball and plan to buy a pair of prescription sports glasses. But i never buy it. Can you tell me how to choose it? What factors shall i consider when i buy prescription sports glasses for basketball ?
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  • Angela green


    In recent years, sports goggle becomes more and more popular. I think the most important factor is to choose a safe lens. Get rid of cheap ordinary resin lenses because it may be fracture and damage your eyes when the collision happens. From this point, the PC lens will keep your eyes safe. PC lens, made with polycarbonate, is also called space lens. PC lens can resist to impact, so it can be good for protecting your eyes. Besides, PC lens is lighter than ordinary resin lens. That is very suitable for sports. PC lens also has many other advantages such as 100% anti UV. Above all, I recommend you to choose a pair of PC lenses glasses.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    There are many factors involved in choosing glasses for basketball. For example, lenses, frame, coverage, padding, sports band, lenses color and prescription. The material of the lenses is the most important factor in a goggle. Polycarbonate is known as the best one among the material. And high quality polycarbonate can sustain the impact of a ball or finger. 3mm polycarbonate is recommended as the ASTM safety standard. The frame must be able to hold off the impact of a ball or finger. So, a frame made of polycarbonate is also the best choice and the best option is frames with ASTM F803 standard. Still, the frame must cover the entire eye socket not only the eyeball. As for the padding, the frame should have padding at the temple points and bridge points to "cushion the blow". An elasticized band is needed to secure the frame, not by temple pieces. And you should also pay attention to the color. You should choose the color can absorb light. At last, the prescription is necessary to you.
  • warren


    Firstly,you should have an eye exam first to get your prescription. Secondly,You'd better choose one that can give you maximum field of vision because when you play basketball, you need more vision field to observe the movements around you. Thirdly,You should consider the weight of the glasses. Lighter sports glasses will make you feel more comfortable, Besides, you can choose the color and the style which you like to make you feel cool.
  • Angle la


    If possible, i think that contact lenses are great for sports.They don't have a chance to break if you get hit in the face with the ball, and you can wear them all day without any issues. And You can also choose prescription sports glasses that special designed for people who engaged in sports. And I saw offering such glasses. Good look.

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