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How to store my wrap around sunglasses?

I have several pairs of wrap around sunglasses. But i only wear one pair at a time. How can i store the rest of wraparound sunglasses well?
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  • Jaime


    If you have many pairs of wrap around sunglasses, you can buy a special padded draw or something, where you can neatly put each pair and easily find one when you need them. Or you buy somee really cheap but good quallity glasses cases and put them all in them. If there is difficulty for you to find one exactly, you can put a label on each glasses case.
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    Wraparound Prescription Sunglasses, just like normal eyeglasses, are easy to get scratched. So, you should not put it directly in the handbag in case it may get scratched by keys or other hard things. Gently folding the sunglasses frame from the left. Cover the sunglasses with cloth when you do not use and put into the glasses cases. Another point you should remember that you should not put your wraparound prescription sunglasses in a hot environment, such as in a car or under the sunshine, which will make the sunglasses deformed.
  • Katelyn


    There are several tips for you to store your wrap around sunglasses. First of all, you need to make your wrap around sunglasses clean. Go to get some cleaner and remove the dirts on the lenses and frame. Then, use a piece of soft cloth to wrap around the sunglasses. At last, remember to put your wrap around sunglasses in a glasses box. Hope this will be helpful.