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Melissa duncan


What color tint is best for sunglasses?

I want to buy sunglasses. And i heard that different colored lenses have different function. So, what color tint is best for sunglasses while wearing them in intensive sunshine?
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  • Catherine


    You should consider when you choose sunglasses whether they have enough depth to the color of the lenses. Experientially, dark gray is better, followed by dark brown, black, blue and purple. The last two color lenses allow to enter more ultraviolet, but yellow, orange and pink as far as possible without. Apart from leisure, entertainment, if you really want to protect yourself from UV rays,you had better buy the color of gray, green, blue sunglasses, because these relatively soft colors, such as watching the scene does not change color, particularly suitable for car owners to distinguish traffic lights and traffic signals.In addition, if you want to shop online, be sure to choose a good reputation, a regular site to buy. Focus on sunglasses products, Firmoo is a good choice.
  • hands4god


    Yes, different colored lenses have different function, but this depends on what occasions you wear them. If you are going to have a hiking, gray and green lenses will be helpful. If you are driving, dark brown lens would be better. Dark green lens will make you comfortable when you are sitting in the sun. Blue lens will be cool when you are playing on the beach with your friends. Mercury is suitable for men who do outdoor sports and yellow are often used in hunting. Besides, light blue and pink lens are decorative and practical applicability, so they don't have much practical function of protecting eyes. I guess you can find what color fit you best from the above mentioned factors.
  • Ariana


    Choosing sunglasses color should depend on what you wear them for. To block UV lights, the best color for sunglasses should be dark brown ,gray and green . And the dark brown is the widest acknowledged color for sunglasses as it can absorb almost 100% UV rays and the soft tune gives you comfortable vision. If you use them for certain sports like baseball or biking, the color will be different. You should avoid choosing blue lens as it can allow the blue rays which are harmful to our eyes coming in.
  • b1t3_m3_8748


    It is true that different colored sunglass lenses have different function. Therefore, you should pay attention to your sunglass before buying them. As you have said, you need a pair of sunglass while wearing them in intensive sunshine. So I would suggest black and brown or other dark colors for you. Because these colors all do well in blocking shining sunlight and harmful UV rays, thus would make our eyes feel comfortable when we're exposing to the sun.
  • Logan hall


    Yellow is the best color tint for sunglasses when you are wearing them in intensive sunshine. It can filter 100% of UV, allowing infrared and 83% visible light through the lens. Its greatest feature is that most of the Blu-ray can filter the sun dazzling. Sunlight through the atmosphere, the most performance for the Blu-ray, which is why you see the sky is blue. After yellow lenses filter blue ray, natural scenery can be seen more clearly. For example, While driving, wearing a yellow lens sunglasses, you can more clearly see the passing traffic. All in all, in my opinion, yellow is the best for you to choose the sunglasses.
  • Daniel


    In intensive sunshine, the tawny sunglasses are best, because they can almost absorb 100% infrared radiation and uv rays. Its soft color make eye comfortable and avoid being tired. There are other choices, such as gray, greens and yellow. Gray sunglasses can absorb 100% infrared radiation and most uv rays. It doesn't change the color of things. Green sunglasses are also good, and it makes people feel cool. Yellow sunglasses suit for hunting and shooting. It makes things more distinct. You can choose sunglasses depending on your situation. I suggest that you can buy one online for there more choices and lower prices.
  • Joey


    I have heard yellow filters the best