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Jackson rose


Is it Ok for older adult men to wear plastic prescription glasses ?

I saw most of older people wearing metal framed eyeglasses. They said that metal frames can make them look mature, sober and sophiscated, while plastic glasses are often worn by women. But i like plastic eyeglasses frames. So, Is it OK for me to wear plastic prescription glasses ?
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  • christy9589


    Plastic prescription glasses can be worn by people at any age. If you feel comfortable and look good with them, there is no reason you can't wear them. Plastic glasses also come in different styles and you will definitely find one that look mature, sober and sophisticated. I have been wearing plastic prescription glasses for many years and they are lightweight and really comfortable to wear.


    Of course it is OK. You can wear any kind of glasses as you like. Because the glasses comfort you most is the best one. Yes, people said metal frames can make them look mature, sober and sophisticated, but I think this is because they want that. If you want to look young, active or something that young people embrace, you can wear plastic glasses, and this will help you have a younger attitude. What's more, if people are mature enough, sober enough and sophisticated enough, they needn't a pair of glasses to make them look like that. So, just try what you want and be yourself.
  • Susie Washington


    It is true that metal frames glasses can make older people look mature, sober and sophisticated, while plastic prescription glasses can also be worn by men. For older people, making different choices may bring you surprises. Most would choose metal frames, while I think plastic frame is a better choice. Plastic frames are lighter and more comfortable to wear. They will also make us look more energetic, younger and fashionable. Therefore, it is definitely OK for you to wear plastic prescription glasses. You can have a try. Hope this will help you.
  • Denise


    It depends on yourself. You can go to the Optical Shop to see plastic prescription glasses and wear them, look at yourself in the mirror .You can choose the best ones by yourself. Personally, I meet many men who wear the plastic prescription glasses with plastic frames. But I think they look very mature, sober and sophisticated, All in all, Just follow your heart.
  • charger101


    It is ok for older adult men to wear plastic prescription glasses. There are a lot of plastic prescription glasses, and they are different styles. You can find one that suit for you, and it also can make you look mature, sober. People choose different style depending on what they like. So you can buy what you like. You can buy one online. There are many good online stores. They have some discount, and you also can try on.

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