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Can bird poop make you go blind?

It is really bad that a bird flies over me and drop a bit of poop in my eyes. It is disgusting and painful. Is it very bad to eyes? Can bird poop make me go blind?
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  • coloursoflife


    All right, it seems that there is something terrible happened to your eyes. Anyway, it is normal for you to have painful eyes because that stuff is irritative to your eyes. So, you should first try to wash your eyes with plenty of normal saline, also try to get some antibiotic eye drops to deal with your eyes. Remember, try not to rub your eyes however you feel, and a few days later you are good to go again.
  • ct_exposed


    Please relax and you will be fine if you have no any eye problems before. When foreign matters like eye poop and dust enter eyes, your eyes feel pain and uncomfortable indeed. Don't roll or scratch your eyes, or further injured and infection may occur. The best way to deal with them is flush your eyes by warm and clean water for five minutes. Then apply a clean towel to get rid of water on your eyes. Finally, drop some basic drops to reduce infection. Bird poop in your eyes may cause eye itching and eye pain, I must say again, no rubbing on your eyes, or redness and pink eye must follow you. If all these ways do not work, call an ophthalmologist for help is a good choice. Then you'd better receive a thorough eye exam and find out whether your eye problems because of bird poop or not. Take care and stay fit!