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Is castor oil good for eye wrinkles?

I heard that castor oil may work on eye wrinkles. Is that true? Can castor oil really help?
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  • ea4ever2end


    From what I can see, castor oil is mainly used in industry sectors which could be very helpful in making things. However, few people get it put to use in treating eye wrinkles. Anyway, I still recommend something useful to you, such as retin A, which has been used in making eye cream and treating eye wrinkles. Also you have to get a balanced diet and try to have a good sleep.
  • Miranda hall


    Well, it's true that castor oil can help eye wrinkles. Castor oin is not only works on reducing skin cancer, but also help to prevent your wrinkles from forming. And there are still some other ways that can help eye wrinkles. Firstly, drinking water as much as you can which may let your skin be full of water and keep your skin from drying; secondly, apply cucumber on your eyes which can help you add vitamins and reduce any swelling or reducing puffiness.
  • chris_nubelle


    Well, yes, castor oil can be helpful to the eye wrinkles. First, you should know that castor oil is known for its medical use. And it is made from the Castor oil plant which is indigenous to India. Even if castor oil, which is inexpensive and readily available, it may be just the solution. For example, you can just open the bottle of castor oil and place a few drops on a clean, sterile cotton ball. And then gently apply the oil to your under eye area. Remember that you should avoid getting oil in the eye. And then just repeat it. in this way, it can be effective.