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Mohammad S.


What are benefits of gooseberry for eyes ?

I heard that gooseberry is good for eyes. Is that true? What are the benefits of gooseberry for eyes?
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  • Christian george


    Well, it seems that you are not quite familiar with gooseberry. So, it is one of those vitamin rich plants in the world and could greatly improve our health. So, as you can see, it contains a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin A and B, both benefit your eyes, along with some other minerals. It benefits our BP, and blood sugar level, also improves our immune system. Anyway, getting it regularly benefit your eyes.
  • Andrea lester


    As far as i know, the best way to benefit eyes from gooseberry id to mix some amount of gooseberry juice with honey. By taking it, it can help you treat eye problems like cataract, nearsightedness and intraocular tension. Besides, proper using of Gooseberry juice with honey can enhance your eye sight. So, if it possible, you can take some gooseberry juices mixed some honey.
  • Karin


    Yes, gooseberry is so good for your eyes. It is true that gooseberry is so beneficial for the eyes. The gooseberry contains 18 kinds of amino acids which are required in the human body, like vitamin C, B1, B2 and iron tin minerals such as potassium zinc phosphate. Every 100 grams of fresh fruit contains vitamin C200 mg. The vitamin C content is higher than that of most fruit several times or even one hundred times, second only to the kiwi fruit which was second biological flavonoids content which is very high at the same time. It has the softening blood vessels which can reduce blood fat and blood pressure filling calcium and enhance human immunity anti-cancer action such as currant. It not only can be eaten raw but also be processed into juice, jam, fruit wine fruit paste and so on. The gooseberry will make your eyes to be moisture because of the containing vitamin C. Your eyes will become clear at the eye sight.

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