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Is breast milk good for pink eye?

Can breast milk be good for pink eyes? If so. How can i use it properly to help my pink eyes?
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  • walkinginlight


    OK, looks like you are concerned about how to treat your pink eyes. So, according to a lot of cases around us, it is true that breast milk could help with pink eyes,especially for babies, because there are so many nutrition contained in breast milk, it is just that precious and effective. Also, try to get some normal saline to wash the eyes. Just try to keep the eyes of the patient clean and rested well.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Personally, i never heard of it. But i just search online and find out there are some people online said that breast milk can help treat pink eyes. It is said that breast milk has been used by mothers to treat infectious conjunctivitis. And it works good. And,i also read online that she clean their hands and let her nipple rinsed with plain water. Then, she simply hand-expressed some milk into her daughter's eye. So, maybe you can try in this way. Good luck!

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